Please provide a Swot Analysis for Thule Group (outdoor and cargo)

Please provide a Swot Analysis for Thule Group (outdoor and cargo)

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SWOT Analysis of Thule Group.

Strengths: Thule group is financially sound, and spends on the research & development for innovative products while considering safety, convenience, and ease of use. The company has good credibility due to its sustainable development approach in manufacturing and logistics. It uses renewable energy at its facilities to become more environmentally friendly. This leads to innovation and process improvements.

Weaknesses: The product quality is questioned by the customers many a time for the durability and design of the products. Apart from that, the Thule group has comparatively fewer sales in the USA than in Canada and Latin America.

Opportunities: The group should explore the quality improvements using different materials for the product. For example, the snowboard carrier having plastic material will not be durable. So the group should consider such criteria and make design changes. The group can explore the opportunity to expand in the USA.

Threats: The competitor, Yakima Products Inc., which provides the products as well as educates the customers for safer use of the gears.

Hope this will help.

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Please provide a Swot Analysis for Thule Group (outdoor and cargo)
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